Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011


she believes in fate,
for fate made them meet,
she believes in friendship,
for friendship made their heart near,
And she believes it's love
When she feels the electric current,
in the mention of his name,
When she can't speak
while he looks deeply into her eyes
When she smiles involuntarily,
By just looking at his virtual words
When she rather stays awake when she asleep
For the reality is better than dream,
When he be the first in her mind,
Upon blinking of her eyes.
When she willing to give him world,
Just naturally.
And when,
She have no reason for all that,
For loving.

Selasa, 11 Oktober 2011


i'm in office


tapi nak jgk update

ok bye

OFFICE YE kawan2



Isnin, 3 Oktober 2011

new castle

bye2 my lovely v5k!
and hye hillpark~

tuan2 puteri skrg dah pindah istana baru
istana pantai hillpark
sapu bilik, basuh bilik air,mop lantai,kemas dapur,beli perabot(cewah),beli barang dapur,kemas barang2,kemas baju,pasang almari
penat gak pindah msuk rmh sewa ni yer
harap2 istana baru ni akan seBEST istana v5k dan istana v1d..=)

*gmbar amek kat mudah*