Khamis, 26 Januari 2012


Seri Iskandar, Tronoh—first day of the new semester after a long long long long holidays. Just can’t believe the fact that they are done with the 4 months holidays this fast. I guess everyone must eksaited gle to go to the 8am class today.. they just can’t miss it! And of course,,the excitement is not really because of the academic purpose. But instead the excitement credit goes to friends, chit chat and new hot junior maybe. They will start to chit chat for sure… story mory pasal what they had done for the past 4 month, how they miss the class so much(really?),how they find the long holidays were boooring. Well ,I pretty sure that most of today class time will be spend on non stop chit chat. Then the rest chit chat might be continued kat Ameeth or Zalila seafood and even kafe v5… Everyone miss each other so much. Same goes to me.

Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu—someone went back to find love in 10 days..envy you!..Hope that you will finally found an awesome one! Maybe she’s now struggling to practice the Haadgen Dasz creation at home..Nak belagak dpn mok die la tu..haha…Just don’t forget to bring back a lot of foods and keropok lekor.

Flower Hill, Kelate—another someone went back to hometown as well. Got the chance to just leave the hectic life in KL and see her Fatini. Kirim salam kat die banyak2…. Just don’t forget to bring back a lot of foods as well. But I’m pretty sure she will bring back more new cloths instead.hehe~

Bangsar,Kuala Lumpur—someone is boring in an almost empty office. A lot of the cliques are on holidays. Only a few including herself are still struggling to wake up early and came to the office this morning. And she is feeling so boring as there is less work for her today. But she can’t even go back early or open her facebook. Three month ago she finds out that she is brilliant because she find a very simple way to bypass the office network blocked site to surf the internet freely using ultrasurf. But for the pass two day the ultrasurf are not working at all. Dah kantoi agaknye.hehe~ boring and jealous. Ok,die sgt jeles tengok org sume boleh balik yutipi and all her friends got one week holidays…ye,sgt jeles….plus,she just can’t believe that yutipi is now one of her fevret place and the place that she miss it really the place or people there that she miss? Well, it can be both =)

Selasa, 10 Januari 2012

101 days to find love~

Start from today,
i still have another 101 days left,
for me to find love.
Hopefully i could found it before the day end.
i love my job so muchhhhhh!!-cukup sarkastik x?(btl x eja ni)