Selasa, 15 November 2011

Maksud doa antara dua sujud~


Hi Dunia Princessa!
saje nak share maksud doa ni...
Harap tym solat nanti kite boleh lebih faham n hayati maksud bacaan dlm solat kite

✔ Rabbighfirlii (Tuhanku, ampuni aku)

✔ Warhamnii (Rahmati aku)

✔ Wajburnii (Tutuplah aib-aibku)

✔ Warfa’nii (Angkatlah darjatku)

✔ Warzuqnii (Berilah aku rezeki)

✔ Wahdinii (Berilah aku petunjuk)

✔ Wa’Aafinii (Sihatkan aku)

✔ Wa’fuannii (Maafkan aku)

Rabu, 2 November 2011

1st Month Lesson Learnt

its already a month...yeay!
Life is getting better...
Although i don't really like my current job now
But still i really3 like my internship
and i'm going to like it for another 6 more months

i will take this internship as a learning opportunity...
i still can learn a lot from TM and Accenture about HSBB inner customer relationship management.
Did u know that they have a very big team just to manage the system itself?
For example, this portal 

Because the requirement from the management and customers request are changing every single day.
And my team are responsoble to fixing and manage the defects and change request happened in the system that affected CRM..

At the same time,
i can learn more about life as well
Up to this moment, there are always lesson learnt every day

And I pretty sure there must be a lot more that I can learn for this upcoming 6 months.

Impacted Lesson learnt

1 .Dont ever watch movie until 3o’clock if you don’t want to miss the 8.30am bus to go to work.

2. Going to bangla stall at Bukit Bintang is so not a good idea because the cheapest price of drink is RM11.00. cekik darah. Ok,ika?

3. Never give 100% trust in your first impression. Dont believe in nice looking kakak!

4. Always and always do the thing right. Don’t trying be cool and find the solution yourself. Ask if we don’t know .

” We always can ask,right?”(my SV,2011)

5. Dont walks to Mcd Bangsar from the LRT station to eat Quarter Pounder! Its tiring and you look like a lost kid at the middle of 4 lane road=)

6. Don’t assume everything. Confirm it. Or you may end up stuck at Putrajaya assuming that the ERL operate 24hours.

7. Always and always and always appreciate the time you have for your weekend by do spring cleaning, cooking,sleeping, watch movie, merayau and shopping!

8. Time value of money. Money seldom go in…Differently from student life,,, it always go out all the time! So, do a proper budget, girls.

9.Wake up early in the morning and walking all the way to bus station and go back home at 9pm everyday are not tiring at all if you have a positive mindset.

10.Dont go shooping every weekend if you want to stay survive until the end of the month.