Ahad, 8 Julai 2012

Al Fatihah Afie

We used to be close,
We used to share our stories,
We used to care for each other,
We used to be real good friend
Until the moment we have unmature feeling to each other,
I can still recall those good old time,
we go jog together,
your sweet smile,
your kind wave,
And i thought the atmosphere will last,
Till something happened,
And it turn the friendship the other way around,
we become awkward to each other
you and me
As a friend,
It was the moment i regret the most
The moment you and me become awkward

You have always been someone who endure the pain for the sake of others,
Someone who make people happy,
A good son and brother and friend,
There are still a lot memories of you that make up this disbelief,
It was great to know you in my lifetime
We will always remember you in our du'a
We love you but Allah love you more.
Moga syurga untukmu sahabat.

Al Fatihah

1 ulasan:

  1. hei, si tyah yang gagah, insyaallah moga roh dia ditempatkan bersama golongan yg soleh.
    the sweetest smile will remain in ur soul, our soul. :D